Often characterized by enthusiastic but nevertheless very accurate orchestration, for its peculiar way of enhancing the tones of voices and of keeping searching for new sonorities, the French musical tradition built up its identity throughout decades in a way that is to be contrasted with the evolution of forceful Russian music. From Berlioz, born in 1803 to Dutilleux who died in 2013, The Limoges and Limousine Orchestra presents two centuries of French elegance.

That typically French spirit is thus to be paid a tribute three times in the program, opened by the three preludes by Debussy, in which the notes seem to be whistled away by the wind to the infinite.

He, who was enamored with the Fantastic symphony, but also both subdued and defiant, forgets his melancholic feelings in the joy the countryside inspires, to the sound of the loudly sniggering witches, and breaks the jeering irony with Germanic dereliction.

Half a century later, L’ arbre des songes , a concerto for violin dedicated to Isaac Stern, still happens to be inspired by a colorful and lyrical way of life, by Berlioz’s romantic style, and by Debussy’s impressionist tone.


Conductor : Robert Tuohy
Violon : Elina Kuperman


réludes de Claude Debussy (Orch. Colin Mattews)
" Feux d'artifice ",
" Feuilles mortes "
" Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest "
L’Arbre des songes d’Henri Dutilleux
Symphonie fantastique d’Hector Berlioz


Magnétics loops
20 h 00, durée env. 2 h 30 avec entracte

26/04/2016 à 10 h 00 (réservé aux scolaires) 

Meeting with R. Tuohy
26/04/2016 - 19 h 00

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