What a fascinating human being Callas was ! It is with that divine Diva that the Opera of Limoges opens its season this year. Jean Yves Picq has chosen to tell us the story of a multi- faceted Maria Callas through a deep text made from through excerpts from interviews. 
Having the public and intimate images of the Lady entwine and interweave subtly, he brilliantly succeeds in presenting the true Maria, making the audience fantasize they are witnessing her being taken back to life on stage.

The stage is actually the place and notion around which the whole story revolves. Callas was a comedian, one « born to interpret » as she says it herself in her monologue. It is Jean-Marc Avocat who stages the play and Noémie Bianco who interprets the diva as she is giving a press conference.

The comedy turns out a brilliant story within a story told for the journalist hidden in each one of us, by a woman who never completely yields to confession, but whose emotions one manages to grasp.


Production Théâtre du Carnassier / co-réalisation Opéra de Lyon


Original idea by : Jean-Yves Picq
Stage director : Jean-Marc Avocat
Actor : Noémie Bianco
Lighting technician: Justine Nahon